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Install Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture is the new (and easier) recording tool available via Mymoodle or and can be used by both staff and students to make recordings of computer screen, webcam and microphone. The software replaces the former Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder, which will reach an end-of-service during 2019 (exact date is still unknown).

There are two versions: one for Windows computers and one for Mac computers. If you use anything else, please refer to the recording software available for iPhone, Android, tablet or other operating system. Check with the manufacturer.

NOTE: ChromeBooks are not supported. Try finding a screen capturing tool at

This article addresses the installation of Kaltura Capture. See the "How to use Kaltura capture" article after installation.

Install Kaltura Capture

You install it in the same way as with the previous CaptureSpace, i.e. you go to either Mymoodle> Site home> My media> Add new , or (if you are part of Lnu staff), Log in to> Add New

Here we show you how to do it via Mymoodle, but the principle is the same via

Log in and go to Site Home > My Media.

Click the "Add new" button and select "Kaltura Capture". (During the grace period it might also say things like "Kaltura Capture – New recorder")

You will come to a page that checks if you have the software installed. Click the download link for your operating system:

When the download is complete, double-click the installation file and install in the usual way.

Install on windows

Run the installer and follow the instructions on the screen. Accept as needed.

Install on Mac

Open the IMG file downloaded. Click and drag the KalturaCapture icon to the "Applications" folder and release. Then the software is copied to the computer.

After installing the software, go back to Mymoodle> Site home> My Media and re-select "Add New> Kaltura Capture".

You may see a box asking if you want to allow the page to open the software "KalturaCapture". If so, allow it:

The software will start and you are done with the installation.

See next article "How to use Kaltura capture" for more instructions.

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