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How to use Kaltura Capture

If you haven't installed Kaltura Capture yet, see the article "Install Kaltura Capture" first.

When you start Kaltura Capture, you see the following controls:

  1. Select screen for recording
  2. Select camera for recording
  3. Select microphone for recording
  4. Manage recordings and edit settings

Finally, you have a large red button that starts your recording.

Before you start a recording , go through steps 1-4 and make sure everything is set according to your needs.

1. Select the screen for recording

Selecting a screen means that what is displayed on that screen is what is recorded. For example, if you play a Powerpoint or want to show how to do something in a computer program.

Here you can choose which screen you want to record from (if you have dual screens), or you can choose to turn off the screen by clicking on the symbol so that it is crossed out:

If you want to record just a part of the screen, click "Select Area":

You will then see a preset gray box that appears. You can move around the box on the screen and everything displayed inside the box will be recorded. You can choose from different preset sizes, or drag the white handles in the corners and sides to adjust the size.

Click "Confirm" when you are satisfied or "Cancel" to cancel.

2. Select Camera for recording

If you have one or more cameras installed on your computer, you can choose which one you want to use.

Click on the arrow to select a camera (in this image, the arrow next to FaceTime-HD Camera (built-in) ).

If you do not want to record from the camera, click once on the camera icon to "turn it off":

3. Select the microphone for recording

Here you select which microphone the sound is to be retrieved from. We strongly recommend that you use a headset or some other good external microphone to get the best sound quality. The built-in microphone is rarely good enough.

If you do not want to record any sound, click again on the microphone icon so that it gets crossed out:

4. Manage recordings and edit settings

Click the "Manage" link at the far right to access settings and your media library on your computer.

There are three "tabs" on the left:

  1. Library - where all your recordings end up
  2. Settings - edit your settings
  3. Info - Information about the software.


Click on the folder icon to access your previous recordings.

Here you see a list of media that you have previously recorded and that are stored on your computer. Media that is not yet uploaded to LnuPlay / Mymoodle has the button "Upload" to the right of it. Click on it to start the upload.

You can remove the movies locally from your computer by selecting "Delete". Uploaded media will still exist on


Here you make some basic settings for quality etc.

You can set the quality with which your camera and monitor are recorded. 1080p is HD quality. If you notice that the video is "lagging" then your computer may not be able to handle that high setting and you may need to reduce the quality.

You can also specify a default name that all your recordings will begin with. For example, you can start with the course code. You can always change the name / title of your recording but this way you don't have to write the same words that you often use.

"Highlight cursor" means that your mouse pointer is visible in the recording.


Under the information button you will see information about which version you are using and where your recordings are being sent on upload. Depending on if you installed Kaltura Capture from Mymoodle or you will see a corresponding URL for that starting point. It has no practical meaning since it is the same system and you will always see your videos under My media when logged in. 


By clicking on the red button, the recording starts according to the settings you made during steps 1-4 above.

You will see a countdown timer from 3-1 and then the recording begins. You always have access to the controls at the bottom:

  1. Stop recording and choose whether to save, delete or upload.
  2. Pause the recording. Click it again to continue recording.
  3. Cancel the recording and start over. What you started to record gets discarded.
  4. The recorded time so far.
  5. Sound indicator from the microphone.
  6. Drawing tools that can be used during recording and will be shown in the video.

Drawing tools

By clicking on the pen you will access drawing and annotation tools. With these you can draw, write on the screen to make notes or point out important details to the viewer.

Draw with a pencil on the screen. Select a color and change the size of the pen with the drag handle at the far right.
Create arrows on the screen
Text box where you can type
Selection tools. Click on this and then on something you have drawn on the screen. Click on the trash can to remove.
Move and scale tool. 
Once you have selected the move tool and click on something you have drawn, you can drag it around the screen. You can rotate it by clicking and dragging the top "handle". Change the scale by clicking and dragging any of the "handles" around the object.

Click the pen again to hide the drawing tools.

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