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How to use the Service Portal

In the Service Portal, serviceportalen.lnu.se , you can get answers to your questions (FAQ) and find guides for several of Linnaeus University's systems and applications.

If you are a staff member or a student at Linnaeus University  you can also create and follow existing cases you have with us.

This guide shows how to search in the Service Portal and how to use the menus.

Search the Service Portal 

1: Using the search function (Search)

Type your search words in the search box and click Enter or on the magnifying glass .

If you want to limit the numbers of search hits, you can add a plus sign (+) in front of the keywords.
For example, " +student +account".

Use Tags if you get many search hits 

Click on any of the tags to the right to get a new search result with fewer hits.

2: Search for information under Guides / FAQ

Use Guides / FAQ to search for specific information about a service, such as “MyMoodle” or “Network”. The information under Guides / FAQ is sorted under different folders.

Share an article (link, guide, FAQ)

To share an article with someone else, click the arrow at the top right of each article. You can choose whether to copy or email the link.

Give us feedback on our articles

Give us feedback on our guides and FAQs by clicking thumbs up or thumbs down in "Did this article help you"   which appears at the bottom of an article. We are constantly working to improve our articles and your feedback is valuable information for us.

Use the menus


Via the Order menu, staff members at Linnaeus University can order computers mobile phones, user accounts etc. When you click Order you will be forwarded to the Self-service Portal .To use this feature you need to log in with your Lnu account .

My Requests

Under the My Requests menu can you as a staff member and active student at Linnaeus University see and follow your requests under My requests. You can also create a new request under New request.

When you click My Requests  you will forwarded to Linnaeus University's Self-service portal. To use this feature you need to log in with your Lnu account .

Contact Us

If you have an Lnu account, click on the Students and Staff link, otherwise you choose the link For you who don´t have an Lnu account.

Contact us - Students and Staff

This will take you to the Self-service Portal. To use this feature you need to log in with your Lnu account.

Click on New request. Choose the request type and fill out the information needed. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Contact us - For you who don´t have an Lnu account

Here you can send your request using a form. We will contact you as soon as possible to the e-mail address you have entered in the form.

You can always call or email us as usual. Contact details and opening hours can be found here!

Operating information

Under the Operating Information menu you will find current malfunctions or planned system maintenance. 

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