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Change password if you have a computer with Windows (Staff)

We recommend that you have the computer connected to the fixed network at the university when you change the password in order to minimize the risk of problems with the password change.

Change password on PC (Windows computer)

  1. When the computer is running, hold down the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys and select ChangePassword .
  2. Enter the password you now have under "Old password". Enter the new password twice.
  3. Click "Send" (the arrow to the right of the Confirm Password box).

In order for the password to be as secure as possible, it must meet the following length and complexity requirements:

  • be at least eight characters long

  • contain at least one lowercase letter (az)

  • contain at least one capital letter (AZ)

  • contain at least one digit (0-9) and / or a special character (~! @ # $% ^ & () _ + - * / = {} [] | \ :; '"<>,.? and blank)

The password does NOT get;

  • contain your username

  • contain your name (nickname, middle name or last name)

  • be the same password used for the last five times
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