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Change password if you have a Mac with Nomad (Staff)

How do I know if the computer has Nomad?

Go into Launchpad and in the search box type "Nomad" and click Enter. If Nomad is found then follow the guide below, otherwise go to the Change password if you have a Mac that does not have Nomad.

Change password on Mac with Nomad

If you are physically located at Lnu you do not need to start Cisco VPN.

If you work outside the university, Cisco-VPN must be started before changing your password.

  1. Click on Nomad's icon at the top of the screen's list on the right
  2. A drop-down menu will appear that looks like the one below. Click Change Password.
  3. Enter your old password and then choose a new password. Remember that it must be at least 8 characters, a capital letter, and contain a number. Try to avoid the characters ! *

  4. When you click Change Password, you will receive confirmation that it has been changed.

  5. When your password is now changed it is good to start Outlook, you will be asked to enter your new password.

Other services where the password may need to be updated

  1. Choose to print to LNU Print, then you will be able to change the password for printing. The print manager in the dock will blink with a number in a red circle. 
    Click on the icon and you will see the following.

    Click on the circle to the far right that requires an authentication to our server. Fill in your username and new password, choose to check Remember my password in my keychain, then click OK.
  2. Connect to Eduroam. Enter your new password if a dialog box pops up and asks for it.
  3. Zoom may ask for a new password.
  4. Box Sync may ask for a new password.

Important to know

When changing your password, keep in mind that it must be changed on mobiles and tablets. This applies to email, Eduroam, Box Sync, Zoom.

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