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Change password if you have a Mac that does not have Nomad (Staff)

How do I know if the computer has Nomad?

Go into Launchpad and in the search box type "Nomad" and click Enter. If Nomad is found then follow the guide below, otherwise go to the guide Change password if you have a Mac with Nomad.

Change password on a Mac that doesn´t have Nomad

 To be able to change passwords via the computer, both the computer and the account you log in with on the computer need to be connected to Lnu's domain and fixed networks.

You can check this by going to System Preferences (System Preferences) and choose the Users & Groups.
Under "Current user", make sure it says Managed.

- If it says Managed, click Change Password (under Users and Groups) and follow the instructions to change the password.

- If it does not say "Managed" you must change the password via the web interface at https://konto.lnu.se/password/change.

Keep in mind that the new password must meet certain complexity requirements. See FAQ below " I cannot change my password. I am notified that my new password does not meet the complexity requirements ?".

After a password change, restart all your devices
To ensure that the new password is quickly changed in all places where the old password is stored, we recommend that you restart all your devices (computer, mobile phone, etc.) after a password change.

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