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Password protection on Zoom meetings

[Updated June 30, 2020]

Zoom has previously released information that they would make a security update later on, since many have suffered from so called zoom bombing (unwanted guests who take over and behave badly).

Zoom has now decided to enforce either Waiting Room or Passcode protection on all meetings starting July 19, 2020

All the info from Zoom can be found here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360045009111

It is a good practice to start using passwords on your new meetings starting today. It increases security.

Instructions for you

We have created an article in the Service Portal that addresses most cases and how to set up Zoom, update existing meetings, create password-protected new meetings and how to manage the Zoom meetings and Zoom Booking resources in MyMoodle.

Read the article here: https://serviceportalen.lnu.se/article/1333102

There is also an article about the optional (or as a combination) use of Waiting Room on your meetings: https://serviceportalen.lnu.se/en-us/article/1322033

How do password-protected meetings work?

When you schedule a meeting and "Require password" is active there is a password field that is created automatically. You can change it to something else if you want. When you then save the meeting, the invitation to the meeting will contain a meeting link where the password is embedded in the link itself (coded).
When you send out the invitation, your meeting participants can then directly click on the link and enter. They never need to enter a password. The invitation also contains the password in plain text just below the link so you don't have to worry about them not coming in.

If you have already been wise to start using passwords at all scheduled meetings, then you do not need to do anything after July 19.

All meetings that you invite people to using the app or via an invitational e-mail with the invite text and link from zoom will include the password and the end user does not have to do anything else than click the link to enter the meeting.

What happens to the meetings I already sent out the invitation to?

Meetings that you have already sent out and that you afterwards change to use a passcode cannot be connected to if one does not have the password. Then you need re-send the invitation or notify the participants which password you have chosen so that they can enter the meeting with your new password when the time comes.

How do I handle meetings via Outlook?

If you have used Outlook's plugin for Zoom to schedule your meetings, it will be an easy task. Just update the meeting settings in Outlook to include passwords as well. Then save the meeting and send the update to the ones you invited. So it will only be a few clicks and you will not miss anyone since they are already in the invitation email list. They will get the updated link and info (including the password in plain text).

Remember to start using passcodes (or the Waiting Room) on all new meetings you schedule via Outlook.

What happens to meetings I created via MyMoodle?

Whether you used the Zoom meeting resource or the new Zoom Booking resource. If you want to start using Passcode protection, change the meeting settings, turn on passwords and save. The advantage is that you do not need to announce anything except with Zoom Meeting. There's a bug in the Zoom meeting activity that does not update the Join button with the correct passcode link. You need to notify students about the passcode in some way (for instance write it in the description field). Else you can discard the old meeting and create a new one with passcode protection. That will work.

With Zoom Bookings the link to the meeting (Join ) will automatically be updated with the password.

If you have instead published a link to the meeting as a regular link, you also need to either exchange the link or give the students the password to the meeting after updating it with a password.

Here too: Remember to always use the password (or the waiting room) for all new meetings you create via MyMoodle.

What happens to my personal meeting ID and direct meetings?

They also require waiting room or passcode protection. Please make sure that you set this up now. Learn how here: https://serviceportalen.lnu.se/article/1333587

Where can I find the password for the meeting?

You will always find the password information in the meeting settings or in the invitation to the meeting. In the Zoom app, click on "Meetings" and then on the meeting you scheduled. Then click on "Edit meeting" or "Show invitation" and you will see the password. Same thing on the web portal. If you were invited to a meeting, see the invitation.

If you have started your meeting and someone hears about the password, you will always find it in the current meeting's info. Click the Info button in the upper left corner. There, the password is printed and you can also copy the link to the meeting where the password is stored.

If you have started a direct meeting you can find the password in the Invite. Open the "Participants" window (1), click "Invite" (2) and you will see the meeting password (3):

Is there any info you feel you lack? Any case you wonder about? Please write it as a comment on this article.

More info comes as soon as we know more.
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