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Purchases (Staff) - FAQ

How do I order a computer, monitor, tablet or other peripherals?

Place your order in Self Service.

Info center has a smaller selection of peripherals

At Infocenter in Växjö and Kalmar there is a smaller range of IT peripherals for the university's computers:

  • Apple Multiport Adapter usb-c to VGA

  • Apple Multiport Adapter usb-c to HDMI

  • Deltaco MiniDisplayPort / HDMI / VGA - for older mac and pc.

  • Deltaco DisplayPort / HDMI / VGA - for example, computers from HP.

  • USB memory stick
  • Laser pointer

  • Mousepad

  • Deltaco adapter usb-c to VGA - Used to connect the user's new Dell computer that has usb-c to the older projectors with vga jacks that are still in many of the halls in Växjö. This adapter is only available at Info Center in Växjö.

Order from Infocenter:

Visit Infocenter in Växjö inside the main entrance of house H or Infocenter in Kalmar house Radix.
You can also send an email to and specify what you want to order, and the products will be sent to you with the internal mail (applies to both Växjö and Kalmar).

How do I order software?

Ordering software in Self Service.

Ordering SPSS licenses for students in Självservice.

Can I buy my old computer?

It is up to each faculty / department to decide on the purchase of old computers.

Here you will find Linnaeus University's rules on the sale of used computers and computer equipment.

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