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Password for staff account (Staff) - FAQ

How do I change my password?

We recommend that you have the computer connected to the university's fixed network when changing passwords to minimize the risk of password change problems.

See information below on how to change the password depending on whether you have a PC or if you have a Mac with or without Nomad .

Change password if you have a PC (Windows computer).

Change password if you have a Mac with Nomad.
Change password if you have a Mac that does not have Nomad.

How do I know if Nomad is installed on the Mac?

Go to the Launchpad and type "Nomad" in the search box, click Enter and you will see if Nomad is installed or not. 

Why do I need to change my password?

To increase security around passwords the university has  introduced a limited life on passwords. This is done through mandatory password change after maximum period of validity.

I have changed my password but it only works on the computer?

It is probably because you log in using a localcomputer account.Go to the website for password change, https://konto.lnu.se/losenord/byta?l=en to change the password to your staffaccount.

It says that my password has expired, how do I do?

Then you need to change your password. It is the old password you use when you are changing password.

See FAQ "How do I change password?" on how to change the password.

Restart all your devices after password change

To quickly update the password in all places where the old password is saved, we recommend that you restart all your devices (computer, mobile phone, etc.) after a password change

How often do I need to change password?

The password must be changed at least once / year. You can always choose to change your password at any time before it expires.

How do I know when it is time to change my password?

When the validity of your password expires, you will be prompted to change the password associated when you log in to any of the university's IT services. Follow the instructions given on how to change your password at login.

Why did I not get a reminder to change the password before it expired?

A prerequisite for that you should be prompted to change your password before it expires is that you have logged on to the university ´s services, or that the device has been on the university´s network the last 14 days before the password expires.

I can´t log in to some IT services after I changed my password?

Restart all your devices (computer, mobile phone, tablet) and try to log in again.

It can take some time for the password change to break through on all devices depending on whether the unit is on the University network or not and what device you are using.

Use he correct username

For some IT services, you will need to enter both your username and new password when you log in again after a password change. How username must be specified depend on the service in question:

  • username@lnu.se (for example, eduroam)

  • email address@lnu.se (for example Box Sync)

  • only username (for example webmail.lnu.se)

I have changed the password but can not log on to the computer with the new password?

It is likely that the computer was not connected to the University´s fixed / wired network when you changed the password.

To update your computer with the new password it needs to be connected to the University network, either via the fixed / wired network, via eduroam (if the computer is at the University) or via VPN client (if the computer is outside the University).

I can not change my password,I get the message that the new password does not meet the complexity?

For the password to be as safe as possible, it must meet the following requirements on the length an dcomplexity:

  • be at least eight characters long

  • contain at least one lowercase letter (a-z)

  • contain at least one uppercase letter (A-Z)

  • contain at least one digit (0-9) and /or special characters (~!@ #$%^ &()_+ - */={}[] |\:;" '<>,.?and whitespace)

The password can not;

  • contain your username

  • include your name (first name, middle name or last name)

  • be the same password used in the past five times


I get error message "Local account"?

Contact the IT Office for help with connecting your computer to AD (Active Directory).


Link to password rules at Linnaeus University (swe).

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