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Activate Zoom Account and set up Personal Meeting ID

 This article is meant for both Students and Staff ( Zoom works the same way for both user groups), unless stated otherwise in the text.

This guide goes through the most common steps you may need to get started with Zoom in a good way.


  • Activate account (login)
  • Customize your personal meeting ID

After doing this, you can proceed to learn more about Zoom through our guides:

Get started with Zoom

Host meetings in Zoom

Use Zoom in Mymoodle (Staff)

Activate your Account

All staff and students at Linnaeus University can create accounts in Zoom. You need to login to Zoom in order for other users to find you and add you as contacts (students can only search for other students).

The accounts are linked to your regular Lnu login and all you need to do is go to and click on "Sign in." Use your usual username and password:

Customize your personal meeting ID (staff only)

You have a personal ID for your private meeting room in Zoom. This ID number consists of 9 digits, but you can also customize it for a simpler one that is easier to remember. For example, your phone number. You can also create a so-called name alias where you get a URL like: . The only disadvantage of it is that some functionality may disappear on certain occasions. For example, video conferencing equipment requires a number that it can "call" to connect to your meeting. The integration in Mymoodle also requires a number so you will need both ways to connect to your meeting.

Read more on Zoom's support page

  As a meeting host, you can also use that URL to join the meeting.

Thanks to Indiana University for permission to use their ideas and structure ( ) .

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